As we celebrate this Juneteenth to remember the journey to Freedom, let us not forget that  Freedom was not Freedom until all who were suffering the injustice of Slavery knew that the journey to Freedom had began. As we, the people of Yazoo City, look back to the days of  the segregated movie theater (WOW, in my life time), as we celebrate people like Fredrick Douglas, let us not forget Nat Turner,  Martin Luther King and, closer to home, Medger Evers,  we, most of us, celebrate on these "Black Holidays" and never remember the men and women who walked among us in Yazoo City, Ms , and those who still do, i.e. Herman Leach!! This holiday is not about the Civil Rights Movement but about the day all Slaves in the U.S.A. knew of their FREEDOM...


But do you remember Rudy Sheild?


 There was Ms. Ann Brooks , Mr. Hamilton,  Mr. G. G. Young, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Mayers, Mrs. Mcoy, Ma. Wallace, Ma. Ethel, Mr. J. Goo, Mr. I. C. Stewart, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Hespect (?), Mr. Washington, Coach Boston, Coach Gates, Coach Leach. REMEMBER!! You add those I Missed. Someone reading this was inspired by one of these people if you are over the age of 35 and from Yazoo City.     The Journey of freedom goes on! Mothers Day recently passed, and Fathers Day is upon us. The heroes we most often forget, or at least never associate with the Civil Rights Struggle, are the very people that got us here. During this year’s celebrations, I celebrate my Mama, my Daddy, my Grandmothers,  my Grandfathers, and Great Grandparents. I celebrate all of those before them that suffered and endured to make Barack Obama possible. I thank GOD!!! Thank all of you!!!EVERYONE!!!!!!!

So, we at The Word ask you: Who do you remember this Juneteenth?????
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    William is an LASC alumni currently living in Mississippi!


    June 2010