I was just talking to a student last week and we were wondering where the money in California all goes; I mean, it can't just disappear into thin air and create a huge deficit: it circulates, right? So somewhere, like China or a building contractor's bank account or someone's pocket, is where all the money in California must be. It's hard not to feel like something corrupt is going on.
Then again, I remember reading that the Pentagon lost a couple trillion (or billion) last year...I voted for the CA Lottery so my kids would have a well-funded education, but their schools have weekly fundraisers. It's still unclear to me where exactly the money goes. Probably into corporate profits.

On further reflection, though, I think the money in the budget goes to prisons and cops. Apparently, that's a much more profitable business than education.

I added links to an SF Chronicle article to the front page, way at the bottom, along with 2 California spending graphs and stuff about Prop 98 and prison spending.

I also think this is all part of the trend toward privatization, like the utility companies that took over electricity or the phone companies that took over phones from the government...There's always a big disaster right before the "brilliant solution" of having an outside contractor take over.

I think we should sell California to Wal-Mart. That's my solution. Or maybe Starbucks. They have better benefits.

—Darren C.

Camara R
6/4/2009 11:58:43

My dad says the government should sell the Postal Service to UPS, he thinks they would do a better job. Not me, there is something about privitazation that stinks of the mafia. Who will control or regulate the industries? What about all the private industries that we bail-out? Insurance, Banking, Automotive?

Look at what happens - we hand over a butt-load of money and get nothing in return. They don't pay the bills they've run up, they pay off their personal contracts that haven't been fulfilled and go on their merry way.

I do think that smaller is better, the woman that runs FDIC thinks so too (my god, what is her name?); that any business that cannot sustain itself should be left to die a respectable death, and not given life-support (ie tax payer's money). I think that people with good ideals should be given the space and the funding to try out those ideas, small business loans cost less than bail-outs. I think that we should embrace new technology and eliminate pork-barrel spending. But that's just me.

What is the answer? We know that individual welfare does not really work, and it's been proven corporate welfare works no better. So should we privitize? Maybe yes, but only after the revolution.

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